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ICYMI – All the blog posts from February 2018

A Complete Guide To Creating Engineering Data Sheets
A datasheet is there to determine product suitability and refine the selection. It should give enough details to buy the product when possible. If it meets these goals, it should have done its job. Here’s our guide on how to write an Engineering Data Sheet.

Using the canonical link smartly
Search engines can see the same content several times over as different pages. While they’re clever enough to know there’s no deception going on, the search engine is left to choose which one to show, and the link benefits are diluted around the ‘different’ pages. Here’s how to stop that.

Don’t be scared of linking out
If you’re big enough to link to other sites, search engines see that as a sign of being helpful to those trying to learn about a subject, and give you credit for it. There are a couple of types of pages where you might want to do more of this.

Don’t waste what you know about your prospects
If you’re generating website visitors through any medium under your control (such as advertising), you probably know something about them, or can arrange things such that you do. Think about how you might use that information to tailor the content smartly.

Why aren’t we all recording web traffic from emails?
It doesn’t have to be this way. You just need to ensure that if you’re putting links in marketing emails (whoever’s sending them out) that they’re ‘tagged’ in a way that your visitor analytics application can understand.

Ranking the links to you and your competitors
If you’re ever researching the sites linking to your competitors to see if there are any opportunities for you, looking at the ‘Trust Flow’ and ‘Citation Flow’ could help prioritise your efforts.

What CTR will I get from a Google results page?
It really is worth identifying where your average position is around 12, because moving up just 4 or 5 places on to the first page could make a big difference, and it might take relatively little effort.

Responsive logo design
It seems that more than ever, businesses are finding that the logo they use isn’t flexible enough for the applications to which it gets put. Some designers are working on ideas for logos which will reshape almost infinitely – and why not?

Email: measures are called for
Inbox Zero is a commendable ideal, but it can add to stress and seriously damage productivity if not handled right. The first step towards sorting out email addiction may be to admit you have a problem.

Don’t lose your best inbound links
There are two parties who can break the links: you, and the site linking to you. The first is easy to prevent. Fixing things where the other party has broken the link is harder, and requires knowing who links to you.

All about deducing the searcher’s intent
You don’t need to create separate pages to target reasonably similar searches. Google understands the intent of pages much better than it ever did. So concentrate on really good content, and you might be surprised at the extent of its reach.

The next step from stating the benefits
Too often, even if the sales support material provided by a company talks about the benefits of the product, rather than the features, it still doesn’t make the leap to explaining how buying this product will really improve the purchaser’s life.

Google gives the official line on ‘featured snippets’
Google has published a blog post which gives a good background to the ‘featured snippets’ in its results which we’d all like to get. Those are the big results at the top of the page which normally answer frequently asked questions.

AdWords refocuses attention on budgets
If you’re managing your own AdWords campaigns, do you know what your impression share is? If you’re only showing half of the time, because your budget won’t stretch that far, maybe you should think about concentrating on advertising half as many products, or on half as many search terms?

Could LinkedIn make Bing more interesting?
If Microsoft combined Bing and LinkedIn, for the first time ever, we’d be able to say: “show my ads to people looking for widgets in the aerospace sector”. I think that’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

SEO: your successors will thank you
Start putting in the effort now, and in a few years’ time you might not quite have the momentum of those sites which have been worked on for years, but you’ll be a long way ahead of anything which has appeared in the meantime, or hasn’t had any subsequent effort put into it.

Videos for better product photography
Product photography remains really important (and by the sounds of things, really neglected). If you want to learn more, there’s a great set of video tutorials which has been compiled on the Noupe website which would be worth an hour of your time.

The best number of words in an email subject line
The highest open rates occurred with short subject lines and the lowest with long subject lines. But the ‘click-to-open’ rates didn’t correlate. Once overall engagement was factored in, the winner was seven words.

Live page SEO auditing available from Google
Google has now built a web page analysis tool into the Chrome web browser. The “Lighthouse” tool runs a whole bunch of tests which I know you’ll find fascinating. It looks to me like there’s even more available through a Chrome extension.