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Monitoring PPC advertising beyond the keyword

One of the quickest wins in PPC advertising can be to investigate the relative performance of desktop and mobile adverts. This applies particularly to image adverts, we find. I’m not going to make any blanket generalisations, but if you run a PPC advertising campaign, make sure you’ve looked at this. If you use an agency, it’s something they should be very aware of.

We’ve found that no matter how cheap the clicks may be, image ads on mobile devices are poor value, with a massive bounce rate. We’ve stopped them in almost every case. However, it’s important that the data guides you here. You need to set up ‘conversions’, even if they’re only triggered by simple engagement with the site. This will allow you to compare cost per conversion between advert types and device types for your campaigns.

I’ve no problem if one combination gives a fifth of the conversion rate if they’re a fifth of the cost per click, but we’ve found that for our clients in the industrial and scientific sectors, image ads on mobile devices have an unacceptably high cost per conversion. My hairdresser doesn’t find this to be the case (well, it’s better than talking about where I’m going on holiday), so the situation does vary between markets. But we find that on desktop PCs, image ads can be very competitive with search.