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Making the ‘About Us’ page more dynamic

I hope that you’re putting lots of new, interesting stuff on your website throughout the year. But even if all you do is the occasional product update or case study, are you drawing attention to that in the right places? Many sites driven by a content management system have a little panel on the home page for ‘latest news’, and the site manager sees this as another job taken off the to-do list. We can all do much more.

New case studies can be linked from inside product pages, as an example of the product in action. New ‘how to’ articles can be linked from almost anywhere relevant. However, one of the most under-used places to draw attention to new material is your ‘About Us’ page.

This is one of the least appreciated pages on every site. It gets a lot more views than most of us think, and they’re important visitors too (think about it). So why not use the actual text on the page to tell them about the latest thing you’re up to? If you were doing a sales presentation about the company, of course you’d mention that you’d just launched a new blue widget, or you’d just sold one to a particular customer. Your ‘About Us’ page should follow this pattern.

Sure, it’s an extra job on the checklist for every time you add something to the site, but it’s not a big one.