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ICYMI – All the blog posts from December 2017

Solving the https to http referrer problem in Google Analytics
If a referring website has changed to https, its numbers in your referring websites data might have disappeared to zero. How can we fix this?

Working hard in SEO, just to stand still
If you’re ‘only’ managing to maintain your free Google search traffic levels, it probably means your SEO efforts have had results.

Why you need to be firm with website stylists
Recognise when they’re doing something just because they can. You do know best.

Why I dislike standalone websites more than ever
It’s best for SEO and business in general to keep all your company’s assets on one domain.

Think about the downstream chain of links
When you get a nice link, think about the downstream chain and how you can build things. You’d be surprised at the impact you can have.

The adverts that cost you nothing
Remember that your adverts will not be clicked on perhaps 95% of the time …and that costs you nothing.

Your site needs an RSS feed. Does it have one?
Most sites with content management systems have one as standard, although I’ve come across a few which hide it away.

Put Twitter to work for your website
Not many of us are likely to have anything to announce which is going to ‘go viral’, but every little counts.

Why and how to transcribe audio or video recordings
If you’re really lucky, and the speaker is clear and measured, you can just throw the recording at a free service.

Amazon is not just for household goods
I recently came across another professional, upmarket UK engineering components supplier quietly selling its products on Amazon. And why not?

What do search results look like in other places?
Spoofing Google to see what its results look in other places can be a useful exercise. This approach seems pretty reliable.

Who’s been looking at your website stats?
Why it’s important to always keep on top of who has access to company services such as website analytics, PPC advertising, etc.

Emailing that contact without the email address
Ever spent some time searching online for someone’s email? A guess, or a Google search for their name and the word ’email’ often works.

Promotion Extensions add to AdWords options
Early reports suggest these extensions are very effective, so if you get the chance, give them a go.