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Your site needs an RSS feed. Does it have one?

From time to time I’ve written about RSS feeds, which I’m a great fan of. If you’re already glazing over at another three-letter acronym, please read the last article I wrote about why using them is so great. I’ll still be here when you get back.

An RSS feed is simply a machine-readable list of updates to a website. It really is something which every website should offer.

I suspect more people use RSS to ‘read’ the web than most of us think. Despite wonderful apps and services which use RSS, such as Flipboard, RSS is still considered to be a bit geeky ā€“ but I suspect that describes a lot of your customers too.

What I want to ensure today is that you’re all producing an RSS feed from your website. Most sites with content management systems have one as standard, although I’ve come across a few which hide it away and inadvertently discourage people from finding it. Having an RSS feed is free and requires no ongoing maintenance, so why wouldn’t you have one?

If you don’t know whether or not you have an RSS feed, try to find it like a user would! On WordPress sites, the feed is normally just ‘/feed’, e.g. this blogā€™s RSS feed is at

Here’s an article which rounds up some other ways to track down your site’s feed.

Still no luck finding out whether you have an RSS feed or not? Why not ask whoever set up your website? They might be able to provide a feed just by toggling some software switch. Or they might be able to add one with some sort of plug-in or add-on, which may well be free.