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What do search results look like in other places?

Spoofing Google to see what its results look in other places can be a useful exercise. We find we need to do it quite a lot when helping clients set up Google My Business accounts; if the company has several locations, we want to ensure the right ones are being displayed. It can also be interesting when troubleshooting why a site doesn’t get as much traffic from one country as another.

A good way of doing this is with the ‘Manual Geolocation‘ Google Chrome extension. With this, you just mark where you want to pretend you are on a map, and that’s it really. When using this with Google searches, it’s a good idea to update the location at the bottom of the page if necessary, then update the search. And we always think that even if you log out of your Google account, you can’t guarantee you’re not getting results tailored to you. However, the approach seems pretty reliable to us.