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Put Twitter to work for your website

Twitter can be surprisingly effective at driving traffic to your website. I know, not many of us are likely to have anything to announce which is going to ‘go viral’, and we probably don’t have many followers either. But every little counts, and it’s surprising what can be achieved.

My first piece of advice is not to be afraid of tweeting an announcement too many times. I use Twitter a lot, and recently noticed a ‘repeated tweet’ from a company I follow. Curious, I looked at their timeline and saw that they’d run this tweet five times (with different wording). Even a heavy user like me had only seen it twice, and I suspect most followers would only have seen it once, at most.

Secondly, remember that Twitter now has a 280 character limit, but if you’re using it to drive people to your website, don’t use that up just for the sake of it. You shouldn’t need anything like that much space to write a compelling call to action.

Finally, make sure you include an image. Twitter shows images in a 2:1 width-height ratio, so stick to that if you don’t want anything cut off – particularly text.

Remember, people follow you because they’re interested in you. Too many businesses tweet almost apologetically, like they’re sending an unrequested email. Twitter is good for branding, and can generate some impressive visitor numbers – look for that “” source in your Google Analytics.