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Amazon is not just for Christmas

I recently came across another professional, upmarket UK engineering components supplier quietly selling its products on Amazon. They’re not the first I’ve seen do this. And why not? If you have suitable products, there are some good reasons to do so.

Firstly, it’s not that expensive. Amazon will take a ‘referral fee’, as you’d expect, but that can work out favourably against the cost of processing the order yourself. Secondly, you can use Amazon to completely fulfil the order from their own warehouses. This is where some serious savings can be made. There are plenty of businesses which no longer even see or touch the products they sell – they go straight from the supplier or factory to Amazon.

Finally, you’re taking advantage of all the investment Amazon has made over the years in getting itself noticed. If you type ‘buy blue widgets’ into Google, and Amazon doesn’t come up near the top, it’s probably because nobody is selling blue widgets on Amazon. Maybe somebody could.

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