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The benefit of Single Keyword Ad Groups

Here at BMON, we rarely create search advertising campaigns using the standard method which Google teaches. If you do that, you create a few topics (called “ad groups”), each with an advert and a bunch of searches (5 to 20) where you want the ad to appear. Easy to understand, but not the most effective way of advertising.

Being unashamed data nerds, we avoid the standard AdWords website and reach straight for the spreadsheet. Having sorted out the searches we’re targeting (the “keywords”), we create an ad group (and an advert) for each search term. Yes, it can mean writing hundreds of ads. But it’s worth it.

The ads will be to a limited number of basic templates. However, they will each contain the keyword within the advert, usually as the first headline. If you have many keywords in an ad group, sharing the same ad, you can’t do this.

And why are Single Keyword Ad Groups a good idea? It’s all about relevance, click-through rate and ‘quality score’. If you have an ad group which has the keywords “red widgets”, “yellow widgets” and “blue widgets”, and a corresponding advert generalising with the headline “widgets”, you’re not going to stand out on the page. At least, not as much as an advert which has the specific headline “red widgets” in response to a search with those words.

Investigate ‘quality score’ if you want to learn why this will save you money. We often sell our services to clients by saying: “We can get AdWords 25% cheaper than you can, which covers our costs, so using us will save you time and cost you nothing.” When they ask how we get the costs down, Single Keyword Ad Groups are one of the best weapons in our armoury. We live with spreadsheets so you don’t need to.