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It’s about customer interaction, not the brand

One of our clients recently launched a new website, which they’d spent a lot of time working on. I was relieved that they’d kept in touch with us throughout the development process, and we’d been able to ensure that they’d covered all the things which so many web design companies overlook. But when I saw the finished product, what impressed me most was how human they made the company seem.

This was intentional – they want to come across as real people who customers will want to work with. And it doesn’t just stop at a photo of the MD. Staff from all departments are shown, pictured in their working environment. There are testimonials from customers all over the site. It screams: this is a company which you’ll enjoy dealing with.

Customers know they’ll be working with you as individuals. Does your website reassure them that you’re a decent, knowledgeable bunch? That you talk their language? That you care enough to keep the site current? Remember: the interaction with you is what customers care about, not your brand image.