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ICYMI – All the blog posts from November 2017

Explaining AdWords Quality Score – an update
Quality Score has changed a bit over the years, but is Google’s measure of how well your advert gives relevant answers to search queries.

The benefit of Single Keyword Ad Groups
Or “how we can get AdWords 25% cheaper than you can, which covers our costs, so using us will save you time and cost you nothing.”

In praise of the good old banner ad
The keys to success are the same as they’ve always been – good targeting and good messaging – but these are easier to master than ever.

Leapfrogging to postion 0 on Google
Featured Snippets can make sites leap from nowhere to the top of the Google results, and get results more quickly than conventional SEO.

Are all links created equal?
The best one is likely to be within the main body copy of an article about a relevant subject. Engineering that can take some thought.

What are your competitors up to?
Keeping tabs on what other people are doing can reveal some interesting opportunities. Here are a few free tools.

Why colour is important in website design
I’ve read that 4–5% of the population has some form of colour blindness. Has your design taken that into consideration?

AdWords budget changes: make sure you’re not caught out
If your campaigns have manually-set bids and are occasionally or always hitting their daily budget, this may have an impact.

Hands up who’s got a company Facebook page?
The visitor numbers and the Google rankings speak for themselves. A well-maintained Facebook page is an asset.

Is it time for a Marketing Health Check?
Improving results doesn’t always come down to spending more money, it’s about being smart about how and where you spend your budget.

HTML improvements straight from Google
In Google Search Console, click on ‘HTML Improvements’, and you’ll get a nice list of ways in which you can improve your on-page SEO.

It’s about customer interaction, not the brand
Customers know they’ll be working with you as individuals. Does your website reassure them that you’re a decent, knowledgeable bunch?

Can we make sure we’re on the first page of Google?
Not quickly. In short, the vast majority of pages targeted at a specific high volume search don’t get to the first page within a year.

Pay-per-click advertising on Quora
Quora is a user-generated question and answer site which seems to do well in the search engines and is presumably getting a lot of traffic.

Just why are you so good?
There’s a phrase which everyone who works in marketing should have displayed, in a place where they can never miss it.

Increase sales by making your writing easier to read
We can all sharpen up our writing. Keep sentences short, get to the verb quickly, cut fluff and replace nominalizations with action verbs.

How to write a great LinkedIn profile
Many people use it to see if you have a track record in what you’re talking about. So it’s worth improving your profile.

Tools to help you reduce the size of your images
If your image sizes are optimised, your site loads faster, users and search engines are happier, you get more business, and everyone wins.

Should I comment on blogs to get links?
If a blog (or forum, or any site with reader input) is well maintained, it’s reasonable to assume search engines will follow the links.

Quora for brand awareness
Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend ages trawling around – Quora will suggest questions which you might want to answer.

Tracking your competitors’ important search terms
The Keyword Explorer has a new feature to explore: the ability to list search terms for which any given site is ranking.