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Hands up who’s got a company Facebook page?

Hands up who’s got a company Facebook page? Quite a few of you. What about “who’s got a company Facebook page which gets updated often and which you’re proud of?” Right, now we’re down to a smaller number.

I’ve always found it hard to recommend that a B2B business should be spending a lot of time on a Facebook page. Certainly, if you can’t commit to updating it frequently, I’d suggest you might even pass on having one at all. But the visitor numbers and the Google rankings speak for themselves. A well-maintained Facebook page can work well for you. Our page (which we just tick over) gets a surprising number of views.

There are some good guides online which will help you set up a passable Facebook page. How to Create the Ultimate Facebook Business Page on the Wordstream blog, for example. In the end, however, whether or not it paints a good picture of your company depends on how often you’re prepared to add to it. Visiting a business page where the most recent post says: “Come and see us at WidgetEx 2014” is a dispiriting experience. A good page, however, is a valuable free asset.