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It’s all about writing content aimed at getting links

I said yesterday that if you’re thinking about marketing budgets for 2018, you really should specifically allocate some time or money for link building. Boring, I know. But everyone wants better search engine ranking, and links to your site are the way to get that.

If you’re like me, you may be receiving more and more requests from people to give them links, to the extent that you just ‘tune out’. I’m fairly certain that appealing for links in this way isn’t a good use of anyone’s time nowadays, nearly twenty years after Google was launched. No, it’s all about writing content aimed at getting links, and that’s something which you or a switched-on PR company should be able to handle. The key is to be guided in your choice of content by what other sites might want to reference, which in turn is probably the subjects that customers and prospects might want to talk about.

Most SEO professionals say that if you write great content on your own site, the links will follow. I’d suggest that might be a bit optimistic in engineering and scientific areas. You’re going to have to work on alerting other people to the content you’ve produced, and giving them good reasons to link to it. However, if you bear in mind what might appeal to the sites which might link to you before you start writing, you improve your chances no end.

You can also write specific articles for other sites, providing you know that they’ll give you a decent link in return. Look at the top-ranking results for searches which attract you, and see if they have links from online magazines or blogs. Those links clearly work well. Could you get an article on the same sites? Better still, use the contacts you have at other sites – like online magazines – to get articles published (yes, it’s old-school PR). Everyone wants content, and you’re offering them something for free – don’t underestimate the appeal. Just make sure that the site always puts good clean links back to the sites which supply its articles.