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The key to better search engine ranking

We all know that getting links to your site is one of the keys to better search engine ranking. No matter how much more sophisticated Google and its contemporaries get, that remains the case. The off-putting thing is that if you read the SEO experts, they’ll be talking about the need to get thousands, or tens of thousands, of incoming links. And your response would rightly be that there can’t be that many sites in the world which would be remotely relevant to what you sell, so what’s the point in even trying?

But you’re probably at a distinct advantage here over many other marketing managers. You’re not selling shoes, or hotel rooms. Check out the results for a competitive search in your market, and see how many ‘root domain’ links the page or site at the top has. you’ll probably find it doesn’t have thousands of links – more like dozens. Sometimes even fewer. That’s your target.

So, now that we know what we have to do (and I admit it’s not an appealing job), how do we go about it? If you’re thinking about marketing budgets for 2018, you really should specifically allocate some time or money for this. I’ll talk about some techniques tomorrow.