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ICYMI – All the blog posts from September 2017

Make online image adverts prove their worth
I’m seeing the number of clickthroughs from image adverts often being way higher than the numbers recorded in the incoming visitor analytics.

A page can’t rank if it doesn’t exist
Pages which are generated on the fly, in response to a user request, can’t be indexed because they don’t permanently exist.

Making working from home work

If you get the opportunity to work from home, what tips can I give you, as someone who’s done just that for 25 years?

Ironing out the wrinkles in changing to HTTPS
There might be quite a lot of small troubleshooting tasks before everything’s changed, but we should still all be getting on with it.

Title tags for better clickthrough rates
The first thing to do is to write a proper, appealing title, as if you were writing a headline on an advert.

On the future of advertising
The brightest in marketing will be those who provide something their customers appreciate, rather than reacting to advertising sales people.

What terms need to be in your AdWords campaigns?
I’d suggest they meet 3 criteria: they’re important to you; they get searched-for a lot; and you don’t have a great natural search position.

Making your video a star of the Google results
Start with a search term where you want to appear, and find (or preferably make) a video to tackle that.

It’s all about the customer, not the competition
In business, we need to talk about the customer. What do they want? Is this the question being answered by your marketing materials?

What’s on your company’s Facebook page?
The majority of business-to-business companies have failed to take much advantage of the marketing opportunity which Facebook can offer.

Oh no, here comes another ‘microsite’
A specially designed website is not a bad idea in itself – the problems are caused by the decision to put it on its own domain.

Nearly every website visitor comes from the same place
In effect, the entry page almost everyone sees on your website is nearly always the second thing they see from you.

I’d love to work with this business
Your website’s ‘About Us’ page is what you want prospective customers to know about you. It should be a ‘Meet the Team’ exercise.

How to make promotional video interviews easily
It needs some room space, but other than that, the main investment seems to be some backdrop paper and a lighting system.

Forget the rules of writing and be flexible
The lesson to be learned is to consider your medium when writing your articles or correspondence.

More quick link building wins
These are easy links which will get you traffic and better Google rankings. What are you waiting for?

We can all learn from testing in search advertising
One of the nice things if you get a definite ‘A-is-better-than-B’ result is that the lesson learned can probably be transferred elsewhere.

Get with the conversation
Google is now able to detect conversational writing, and its data shows that people are more likely to find such pages relevant interesting.

Sites to fill up the search results for your company name
You’re top in the Google results for your own company name, right? So why would you worry about all the stuff which comes underneath?

A button means ‘do something’
Take a look at your product pages. You have got a call to action at the end of each one, haven’t you? If so, is it a button?