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ICYMI – All the blog posts from October 2017

Refresh your website with a more logical header panel
The header panel across the top of your website is probably part of a standard template, so making changes will be quick and easy.

Tidying up https and Google Analytics and Search Console
Websites can be http or https, and www or non-www. But how do we account for these in Google Analytics and Google Search Console?

It’s all about writing content aimed at getting links
It’s all about writing content aimed at getting links, and that’s something which you or a switched-on PR company should be able to handle.

Wording things better
Not only should you be describing products in different terms to other sites, but you should be aiming to do things better.

The figure you really need to track in emails
The ‘open rate’ figure you get from your email campaign software is not very accurate. But does it really matter?

The best headline for case studies
There’s a proven headline format which also happens to concentrate on what’s in it for the reader – just what we need.

We should not be afraid to question website designers
You can date the majority of websites simply by looking at them, and some of the features which have come and gone weren’t great.

Keep the customer satisfied
Surely easing the procedure for customers to do business with us is the primary function of our website? There should be no compromise on that.

What are ‘canonical’ tags and should I have them?
There’s a tag available to go in the HTML code behind all your website pages which tells the search engines what the URL of that page is.

How you can make your marketing emails work harder
The best way to create a good subject line is to use one of the tried and tested formulas. here are five you might like to try.

Should I write articles for my site or for others?
One common question in content marketing is should we generate content for our own website, or for others?

Google supports ‘preload’ list of HTTPS sites
If you’re on HTTPS, you can put your website on the HSTS preload list for free – this might end up as a quality signal for Google.

That’s how I want it to look
Whether designing a new web site or refreshing your existing one, give the website designer specific instructions as to what you want.

How to ask Google to index a new page
You can request Google to crawl the entire thing, which it can be useful following a big site relaunch which involves many redirections.

More on contact forms versus email addresses
One reason that people prefer to send emails rather than use contact forms is because the sender gets a record of what they’ve sent.

Recording the real actions on your website
Audit what visitors can do on your website which you’d regard as a successful action. Then assess how many of them you’re actually measuring.

The key to better search engine ranking
You’re probably at a distinct advantage here over many other marketing managers. You’re not selling shoes, or hotel rooms.

A quick font change for an easy site upgrade
Using the original ‘web-safe’ fonts such as Verdana now makes your site look like it was designed in 2002.

Don’t use video as a gimmick
If you’re ever tempted by this, be strong, and say no. Website visitors are impatient enough anyway without having to wait for video to load.

Why Vivaldi is a web browser worth trying out
As it’s based on Google Chrome, Vivaldi is able to take advantage of all the extensions developed for the market leader.

Keywords Everywhere – a very useful free tool
Keywords Everywhere is an extension for Chrome and Firefox which shows you the search volume and AdWords cost for a particular search. Nice!