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Should I write articles for my site or for others?

One common question in content marketing is should we generate content for our own website, or for others? Write something great for your own website, and it might be just what people are searching for, and drive traffic to your site directly. Write it for someone else’s, and you could get a really high quality link which will benefit your site’s search engine ranking, as well as driving traffic.

My cop-out answer is that everything should be written for both. If you’re going to the effort of researching a technical article, why not write it in two different ways? There are several ways of approaching this. One is to write something to the point for a third-party site, which mentions something more substantial on your own site, encouraging the other site to provide that link. Another method (for news stories or case studies) is to write the article from a customer point of view for the third-party site, and from a corporate angle for your own site.

As ever, if you’re hoping to get any content on a third-party site, it should be an important one, or one which gives you a good, direct link – or preferably both. Many magazine sites fail to provide links, just referring readers to some contact page on their own website. A story like this doesn’t help you much with the search engines; where is the link? This one at least has a nice clean link to the company. It’d be better still if you have a magazine in your sector which actually links terms within the text directly to the websites of the companies which it’s talking about.