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More on contact forms versus email addresses

We discussed last week the mistake companies make of only putting ‘contact forms’ on their sites, rather than email addresses, because they’re easier to measure. A couple of readers got in touch with observations which you may also have had.

The first is that you can – in a way – measure how many people email you from a clickable email address on a website. If you use Google Tag Manager, it’s possible to record any click on a website, not just those which go to other web pages on the site. This means you can record clicks which go to PDF documents, external websites …and email addresses. That’s well worth setting up, but do remember that just because someone has clicked on an email address, doesn’t mean they actually sent the email. However, if you’re trying to track the original source of a particular emailed enquiry, this method could be productive.

Another reader remarked that one reason that people prefer to send emails rather than use contact forms is because the sender gets a record of what they’ve sent. I agree – this is certainly an issue which I have. One way around this is by clearly stating that there is a mechanism in place where the sender of a form will receive a copy of the email that the form creates, as an acknowledgement. This should be quite prominent, and it’s something we could all do.

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