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A quick font change for an easy site upgrade

Yesterday I mentioned how easy it is to update your sitewide navigation. I suspect the exercise will be easier and cheaper than many people might realise. There’s another element of website look and feel which can be easily modernised, and that’s the fonts you use.

In the last few years there have been massive advances in website typography. Indeed, it’s quite possible to find one website which looks old and tired, and another which looks bang up to date, and realise that the main difference between them is simply the selection of fonts being used.

Using the original ‘web-safe’ fonts such as Verdana now makes your site look like it was designed in 2002. Thanks to systems such as Google Fonts and Adobe TypeKit, designers now have a choice of hundreds of fonts, all of which will show perfectly on most browsers. To date, I think most designers (or siteowners) have been conservative with that freedom, but there’s no doubt that there are few sites which wouldn’t benefit from better typography. You can see what your own site looks like in different fonts using Webfonter. Getting a designer to make that permanent shouldn’t cost much at all.