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More quick link building wins

Here’s an exercise you can do any time – now if you like. If you’ve got someone in the office who needs a simple job (maybe it’s bring-your-child-to-work-day), this is something anyone can do. Search the web, using Google, for mentions of the following:

  • Your company
  • Your senior staff (by name)
  • Your product brand names

Now go through them, and see if they link to your company website. If they don’t, could they? If the pages are something which you or your staff control, sort it out and get that link in place. If they’re run by somebody you have a relationship with, get on the phone and have an email ready to send them the moment the conversation is over. If the mentions are on third-party sites that you don’t have a connection with, think about the most effective way to get in touch and persuade them to do so.

These are easy links which will get you traffic and better Google rankings. What are you waiting for?