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Making your video a star of the Google results

YouTube videos can get a lot of views. There may be a lot written about how the search on the YouTube site itself is one of the biggest search engines around, but I don’t believe that’s a big thing in technical markets. To get your video seen, the priority place to get it shown is in the normal Google results. So let’s get cracking.

I wouldn’t start with an existing video which you don’t wish to modify. Start with a search term where you want to appear, and find (or preferably make) a video to tackle that. The search term should be one which already has videos showing on the standard Google results page, and where those videos have a decent number of views, indicating that people are clicking through to them. I realise that you’re setting yourself a challenge to usurp those, but it’s actually easier than getting Google to start showing videos where it isn’t already.

Let’s say you decide to tackle “How to calibrate a blue widget”. Make your video using all the best practices: get to the point very quickly, keep it interesting, add calls-to-action (Google will be measuring how many people subscribe to your channel or watch more of your videos), and make sure there’s an attractive “thumbnail”. Then write a good title and a meaty description, both including the “How to calibrate a blue widget” search term. At all stages, keep an eye on what the competition has done, and make sure you do it better.

Finally, make sure you have a page on your website about “How to calibrate a blue widget”, and link both ways between the page and the YouTube video. Indeed, you’ll probably want to embed the video on the page.

I’ve seen this technique being used increasingly, and it remains successful.