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I’d love to work with this business

If you were showing important prospects around your offices, what would you show them? I’d bet you’d focus on the people, not the facilities. If you were trying to impress them, you’d ensure that they left very aware of the experience and talents of the individuals they met.

That, in a nutshell, is your website’s ‘About Us’ page. It’s what you want prospective customers to know about you. If they made the effort to visit your office, would you sit them down in reception and give them a 10-minute lecture about your company’s history? Would you stand there and recite your boring mission statement to them? Of course not. So don’t do that on your ‘About Us’ page, which almost every new website visitor will look at before contacting you.

Instead, your ‘About Us’ page should be a ‘Meet the Team’ exercise. Yes, you really can show named individuals. You really can talk about all the things which they can offer to a customer. The best one I ever saw had video interviews with a dozen or so key people. It made me think: “I’d love to work with this business”, and I wasn’t even in the market for their services!