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How to make promotional video interviews easily

A company I know has started to produce a number of good video interviews and demonstrations by its staff. I was intrigued to know how and why, so I asked. Their reply was that they’d identified the pain point in getting such videos made; it wasn’t the willingness of staff, or the ability to put the videos together – it was the chore of getting the equipment set up to make the video each time. So they’d set aside an area at the back of a storeroom, with a backdrop up permanently, a chair available and some lights to hand.

To make a video, all that’s needed is for someone to come in with a camera and lapel microphone, sit down and do it!

The arrangement was working. I wonder how many other companies could do something similar? It needs some room space, but other than that, the main investment seems to be some backdrop paper and a lighting system. Neither should be expensive. There’s a lot of information on the web about how to create video interview lighting cheaply. I’ve also since found this excellent video which summarises exactly what we’re talking about.