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SEO boosts you may not have considered (2)

Yesterday I gave you a few little SEO tweaks which might be worth a go, and as promised, today we’ve got three more. Again, don’t expect miracles, but any of these could make a difference – you never know until you try.

Let’s start with bullet points and numbered lists. You might ask why these would help with SEO. Well, remember that the search engines are looking for things which good reference pages have in common, and trying to form rules from what they find. Some SEO experts suggest that bullet points and numbered lists are features of good reference documents, and therefore might help any page to rank more highly. I can’t guarantee they’ll make a difference, but don’t be afraid to use them, as there’s little to lose.

For company websites, Google appears to look for the indicators of a responsible business, so be sure to include a contact us page (it might be good if this matched your WHOIS details) as well as a terms and conditions page and a privacy policy page. Every site should have these, regardless.

Links from Wikipedia are argued over by SEO experts. The links are all coded as “nofollow”, which means that in theory the search engines shouldn’t follow them, and certainly shouldn’t pass any link benefit. And yet… it’s hard to imagine that Google wouldn’t take into account the largest human-moderated information website in the world. Sites which are linked-to from Wikipedia are invariably genuine, because if they’re not, they usually get removed quite quickly. Even if the links don’t have any SEO benefit, they still generate visitors, so what’s stopping you?