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SEO boosts you may not have considered (3)

After our previous articles on small things you could do to improve SEO, here’s a final set of ideas. The same caveat applies: none of these are guaranteed to produce results, but there are people who claim each of them do, and they’re not hard to implement.

Having plenty of employees with LinkedIn profiles connecting to your company LinkedIn page can’t be a bad idea if you’re trying to build a corporate presence with Google. Your company LinkedIn page links to your website, so it all feeds in. As for other social media links, it’s more likely that you’ll only get ‘credit’ if you get mentioned by people or organisations with lots of followers; Google’s hardly likely to be impressed by you linking to your own pages, after all.

Image ‘alt’ text is something you should definitely consider maintaining well. There’s a good article about it here. If you use a content management system like WordPress, you can add the ‘alt’ tag when you upload the image, but once you’ve added the image to a page, you can’t add or change the ‘alt’ tag by changing the data in the image library – you’ll need to go to the page itself.

Finally for now, something I’ve mentioned several times recently, get your site an SSL certificate and convert the site to ‘https’. Google is definitely keen on this. The cost is only a few pounds a month, and you should find that your domain name registrar will sort things out for you. Larger corporations and those with significant online stores might want to take some technical advice on the issue, to get the right certificate.