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You only need to outrun your competitors

We all know the story. Two campers look out of their tent and see a bear approaching. One immediately reaches for his trainers. “You can’t outrun a bear”, says his colleague. “But I only have to outrun you”, comes the reply.

When it comes to getting business from the search engines, you only need to outrun your competitors. If your products are sophisticated industrial or scientific items, the chances are that you’re not competing with Amazon or eBay, just the Yellow Widget Company and the Red Widget Company.

And guess what? The marketing teams at the Yellow Widget Company and the Red Widget Company aren’t any cleverer than you.

If you’re failing to get on the first page for a Google search, check out who is managing to get those top slots. If the winners are not websites which your potential customers would find useful, maybe it’s a search which isn’t that important anyway. Think about what those disappointed Google-using prospects might go on to search for as an alternative.

When you find search results that include commercial competitors, analyse why they’re getting on the page and you aren’t. Look at what they’ve got on their pages. Look at what they’ve got in the titles and tags behind their pages. Do some research to find out how many links they’ve got, compared to you.

You may find that doing things better might be as easy as putting on a pair of trainers.