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ICYMI: All the blog posts from August 2017

Why you need Google Tag Manager and how to get it
With Google Tag Manager you can easily set up things like measuring views of PDF documents, or video plays. You need it on your site.

Overcoming the increasing “(direct)/none” traffic source
In recent years, other sources have been adding to the unidentifiable traffic. Identifying as much as you can is so important.

Keeping better control of when your search ads appear
The key is the “Search Terms” report in the “Keywords” section, which shows you the actual searches where your advert displayed.

Get more from your smartphone with these mobile apps
I thought Iā€™d let you know of a few mobile apps that make my life a little easier in return, and give me back some control of my life.

Warning: Information Overload
Putting advertising in front of prospects is now free and the consumer’s attention is the scarce resource we have to fight for.

What would you ask for?
If we can help Google along, we can score in several ways. By creating suitable pages, we’re building for the future.

My brain hurts, and it’s your fault
Don’t Make Me Think is something that should be uppermost in all our minds at every stage of website design.

SEO boosts you may not have considered (1)
In this article I highlight a few little things you might be able to add to your website easily which might just give you a boost in SEO.

SEO boosts you may not have considered (2)
Again, don’t expect miracles, but any of these could make a difference – you never know until you try.

SEO boosts you may not have considered (3)
None of these are guaranteed to produce results, but there are people who claim each of them do, and they’re not hard to implement.

What searches are sending people to my home page?
You can get a good idea of this with Google Analytics, if you’re running Google Search Console and you’ve linked it to Google Analytics.

When the wrong page shows up in Google
If visitors aren’t being sent to the page about the search they made, you need to ensure that the page they do want is easily accessible.

You too can be a magazine publisher
Instead of trying to replicate online what worked in print, let’s think about what the online equivalent is.

Link shortening is a great thing
Link shortening is a great thing. TinyURL offers you the chance to define your shortlink in plain words, so use this ability.

PDF documents: did you consider mobile users?
I find that the majority of PDF documents are designed for A4 and are illegible on a mobile device.

Easy backlinks, very little persuasion required
Have a think about what products and services your company uses. See if the supplier has a testimonial section on their website.

You only need to outrun your competitors
When you find search results that include commercial competitors, analyse why they’re getting on the page and you aren’t.

Changes in GMail advertising
Google has announced that “consumer Gmail content will not be used or scanned for any ads personalization” by the end of the year.

Putting sales emails to the ultimate test
Your sales emails should be comprehensible to everyone who speaks your language and has an average IQ. Have you checked?

What SEO tools do the experts use?
Those of you who like trying out tools for SEO might like a nice survey of experts done on the site.

Does my site need HTTPS?
Yes. But there are a number of considerations and potential hiccups, so make sure you get it done by someone who’s done it before.