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Easy backlinks, very little persuasion required

Backlinks are still a key driver of ranking in search engine results. You need to get them. In particular, the best backlinks to your site are subject-relevant ones, from high-profile sites. A link on a page about your technology from a minor site is still worthwhile, but not as good. Similarly, a link in a miscellaneous list with no background, even from a major site, is of lesser value. So how can we get a link from a trusted website, on a page which talks about what you do?

One answer is in giving testimonials. These are becoming increasingly important to many businesses, especially as data shows that whether we like it or not, customer reviews are sought out by more and more buyers. So have a think about what products and services your company uses. See if the supplier has a testimonial section on their website. Even if they don’t, you could approach them and suggest it. Offer to write them a testimonial, with the proviso that the text includes a decent description of what your company does (it shouldn’t be a problem). They might even be interested in a full-on case study, if you could knock one up.

Will they accept it? Well, if one of your customers approached you with an offer to produce a testimonial for your website, what would you say?

(PS: The best place to find out what products and services your company uses is your own accounts department’s list of purchase orders!)