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Three ways to get more responses. Probably.

There’s no definitive way to get more people to take action once you’ve got them to read your email or web page. The nature of the market, the length of the copy, the type of offer …all have a bearing. The only way to discover better techniques is to keep trying out alternatives and testing them. But that takes time, and it really needs a decent number of people taking action. If you’re trying to sort out the best way to get people to “Contact Us”, and you only get two or three responses a week, you’ll be retired before you get any meaningful data.

So here are some ideas which have been proven in other markets. They won’t always work, but they’re the ones which I reach for.

First of all, put the call to action at the end. The very end. Even having just a sentence or two after the link which you want them to click can be a distraction. Secondly, tell people in the link what you want them to do and what will happen when they do. So if your link is going to take people to a page with various ways to contact you, say: “You can contact us via telephone or email.” Then (as the clickable link) say “See our contact details page”. A stark link just saying “Contact Us” doesn’t tell people what’s going to happen.

Finally, use a button, not a link. There are several reasons to do this: it draws attention to the request, and it’s easier to do on smaller screens.

The action you might want visitors to take could be as simple as looking at a data sheet after reading a product page. Even so, you stand more chance of getting them to do it if you follow the tips above. There’s really no reason to look at another version of this article just because it’s got a cat added, but I promise you, that’s all that’s going to happen, so why not take a look?