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Sorting out your Google My Business listing

Everyone should have a ‘Google My Business’ listing. Yours might have been set up in the past as ‘Google Places For Business’ or Google+. Think of it as a service which brings together the different channels defining your business to Google. It’s the way you get those big panels about your company showing up in the Google results.

It’s complicated to manage. Really complicated. We get more questions that we can’t answer about Google My Business and Google+ than we do about anything else. If you ever wanted evidence that Google people don’t relate well to the real world, this baffling service, which relates the real world to Google, is what you need.

Perhaps the biggest problem is the way in which Google has confusingly developed and named its offerings over the years, and how this has led companies to set up multiple accounts which now just form a mess.

I can’t provide any magic solutions to your Google My Business problems here, sorry. Becoming an expert would send me to an early grave. A nice article on the Moz Blog is worth reading though. How to Delete a Google My Business Listing – A Common Question with a Complex Answer sets out lots of scenarios which companies find themselves in, and possible ways out. Best of luck.