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Simply the Best

Looking through the search terms people use to reach websites, as I do every day, I see a steady increase in one particular type of search. It’s the ‘comparative search’, where people are trying to find out whether one thing is better than another, or even what the best thing is. The most frequent examples of this are “A vs B” or “best [whatever]”. These would really be a great place to start in writing some good traffic-attracting content for your website.

Google seems to show roughly the same results for “A v B”, “A vs B”, “A versus B” and “A or B”, so don’t worry about that finer point, especially in technical areas where you’re likely to have little or no competition. I’d just title your article “A vs B”.

If you’re the supplier of two alternative technologies, you can write a really good piece explaining the advantages of each one. If you only supply one technology, and competitors supply the alternatives, your article is going to focus on why yours is the best. But don’t be put off because you’ll need to talk about the alternative. Many suppliers think that if they don’t mention the alternative, prospects might not find out about it. That’s always been a daft approach, but even more so in this case, as the prospect has beens searching for “A vs B” before they even came to your site!

People are searching for “A vs B” and “best [whatever]” all the time. You should be there waiting for them.