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ICYMI: All the blog posts from June 2017

Ignoring website traffic from your own offices
You might be surprised how much website traffic comes from your own offices. It’d be nice to take that out of your analytics data, wouldn’t it?

Are you squeezing your content for all it’s worth?
For those who strive to keep their blogging programme on track, here are a few hints and tips to ensure you maximise the impact of your work.

Who owns your website domain registrations?
What would you do if you got a message saying: “It looks like our domain name registration expires tomorrow – we need to renew it urgently”?

If the user likes the page, Google probably will too
If anyone tells you that good SEO starts and ends with machine-measurable factors, such as page titles and numbers of links, they’re wrong.

What is Native Advertising?
Advertisers have always wanted to get into the main content of the media where they advertise, and with native advertising, they can.

When it’s acceptable to barge in with an email
People ‘own’ their email accounts and get very protective about them. If you’re going to appear unannounced, you’d better make it worthwhile.

The home page is no place for a slideshow
Movement on a web page can be very powerful. Too often, it’s just slapped in by lazy designers and indecisive website management.

Time to get your .uk even if you don’t need it
The “.uk” is only reserved for the equivalent “” owners until 2019. So you’re not saving yourself much by putting off the purchase.

Here’s a new idea: press coverage!
Why, if I was a long-established PR consultant in business-to-business, I would unhesitatingly add ‘link building’ on to my list of services.

Online considerations for sales event organising
As online communications have become the most important way to interact with customers, there are new considerations for event organising.

A few things to remember about Google Search
I often need to remind myself that there are a few misconceptions out there, so it’s worth listing a few which arise from time to time.

Retrofitting a smarter hierarchy
Apply this to your site, and see how new category listing pages might be of interest to customers as well as helpful in search engines.

Why titles should be more than just a label
The title tag for each page is tells search engine algorithms what you think the page is about and is something you can improve, right now.

We need to get cleverer with Google
Saying ‘get me to number one for blue widgets’ is becoming less relevant all the time.

Browser size is not screen resolution
There are many reports in Google Analytics which can be misleading, and one is the screen resolution which your visitors are using.

How to make an attractive YouTube thumbnail image
If you have videos on YouTube, one of the key ways of drawing attention to them is to create an outstanding ‘thumbnail’ image. Here’s how.

What’s actually driving our sales?
Spending time getting under the skin of a few recent sales can provide us with information than can change our outlook completely.

Start – and finish – with the reader
If all the reader sees at first is your apologetic introduction, they’ll assume the rest of the email is also about you, and move on.

Try not to be too clever with your emails
You might have noticed a steady simplification of my daily emails over the years. Open the email, bang, there’s the title and the article.

Put announcements on the search results page with Google Posts
‘Google Posts’ is a way of putting up-to-date announcements right on the Google search results page when people look for your company.

It’s not the same old searches which should concern us
For all Google’s efforts to learn from previous searches, every sixth or seventh query it gets doesn’t have a direct historical precedent.