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ICYMI: All the blog posts from July 2017

How much should search advertising management cost?
If you want to spend about £1000 a month on search advertising, expect to pay between £200 (25% of the advert expenditure) and £350 (about 50%).

Smart, informative email signoffs
I’ve now standardised on an ‘information card’ at the end of my emails, with a ‘signoff’ which I change on a per-email basis as appropriate.

Branding is more than just your logo and strapline
Too many businesses believe it’s all to do with the design of their website, their logo or their brochures.

Focus on customer needs, not their classification
Whatever industry they’re in, if they want blue widgets, they search for ‘blue widgets’. That’s where you need to be.

People will not type complicated URLs into their computers
You could spend thousands of pounds getting prospects to see a link, but if the link is too long or unmemorable, people will ignore it.

The HTML headline tag, and why not to abuse it
How many occurrences of the H1 tag can you see? Is it more than one? That’s not ideal – a document should only have one subject.

Three ways to get more responses. Probably.
The action you might want visitors to take could be simple, but you stand more chance of getting them to do it with these call-to-action tips.

Internal linking: you need to be clever with it
Useful non-navigation internal linking is considered to have a role to play. And it’s easy to add to your site in the odd spare moment.

How to see the HTML behind a web page
I thought it might be worth providing a short guide how to physically see the HTML code of a web page in your web browser.

Encouraging Google to love visiting our websites
It seems there’s something called ‘crawl budget’, which is the number of pages on your site which Googlebot can and wants to crawl.

Not just for books
I’m hearing tales of engineering and scientific businesses who are quietly using Amazon and even eBay as outlets to move technical products.

Simply the Best
People are searching for “A vs B” and “best [whatever]” all the time. You should be there waiting for them.

But… but… but…
Re-reading something you’ve written and highlighting the conjunctions may highlight areas which could be sharpened up. Or it might not.

Language should be a facilitator
Nobody goes to an exhibition looking for a ‘provider’ of a ‘widgetesque solution’, they go to look at blue widgets.

It’s all in the images
In presentations, fill the screen with something attractive

Getting your URLs right
If your URLs need careful study to work out what the page is about, you need to get them fixed. It should be possible.

Sorting out your Google My Business listing
For evidence that Google people don’t relate to the real world, this baffling service, which relates the real world to Google, is your proof.

Google and their ‘snippets’
Google haven’t given away much information about how they create ‘snippets’, but they recently wrote a short blog post on the subject.

Keep your logos and banners professional
For logos and text, get the original perfect vector source, if you can, and only save it in GIF or PNG format.

Just say no to churned-out ‘articles’
There’s a problem when articles written for SEO purposes are poor, and the sites which publish them are equally low quality.