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Time to get your .uk even if you don’t need it

Yesterday I talked about the importance of having complete control of your company domain name registrations. If you missed that, go back and take a look. It’s frightening how many company domain names are registered and renewed by external agencies or individuals who could go out of business or be run over by a bus tomorrow.

Today I want to make sure everyone’s aware of the new “.uk” domain. For years, website owners in this country complained about the unnecessary additional domain level which was required in this country, unlike say Germany or France. Most people chose “”, although there were many other possibilities if appropriate, including “” and “”. However, what tended to happen was that individuals or other non-company website owners ended up with “”, which is daft really.

So three years ago, it was announced that we could now have just plain “.uk”. Some people didn’t like the idea, saying it was a tax on businesses, which – to be fair – were already described perfectly well by the “.co” bit. Just because non-business website owners didn’t want it, why should businesses be forced to register a new domain name too?

But register it you must. If you own a “” domain, you need the “.uk” version too. If you don’t, rest assured, one day someone will buy it for nefarious purposes.

The “.uk” is only reserved for the equivalent “” owners until 2019. So you’re really not saving yourself much by putting off the purchase any longer. Average registration cost is only £6 to £9 a year – if you’re paying more, you’re being taken for a bit of a ride. And after reading yesterday’s article, you checked where your domains are registered and can log in to the account, so what’s keeping you?