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Online considerations for sales event organising

I’m not sure why the marketing manager has traditionally been given the responsibility of organising sales events, but for some, it’s one of the most time-consuming parts of the job. As online communications have become the most important way to interact with customers, a whole new set of considerations has imposed itself on event organising. Here are some useful tips, courtesy of an article on the Sookio blog.

Rule one is to clearly state the date, time and venue on every piece of communication, right at the top. It helps the customer and it gives the event more substance. Don’t forget, however, that many people have images switched off by default in emails, so make sure that you show important information as text. Keep reminding people, especially if it’s a free event which is primarily aimed at selling.

I’d thoroughly recommend using LinkedIn to promote events. There are some great ideas here. If the event is aimed at drawing new, unknown prospects out of the woodwork, this could also be an opportunity to dip your toe in the water with LinkedIn advertising.

At the event itself, acknowledge the technology. People may well want to broadcast what they’re doing online. If the event warrants it, a Twitter hashtag may even be in order. Make sure wifi codes are distributed and made obvious, and that any speakers have slides showing their full background details, including things like a Twitter handle. Your audience may well want to look them up while the presentation is on, so make this as easy (and therefore quick) as possible.

There are plenty of things to do afterwards too: read The digital tricks that events organisers miss! for these and more ideas.