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Are you squeezing your content for all it’s worth?

Our monthly contribution from Andrew Leon Walker of Rame Marketing

Many of us blog – it’s the first step on the ladder of a content marketing approach to promoting a business. The two key aspects to consider are relevance and consistency- but sadly many fall by the wayside as “business” gets in the way.

For those who strive to keep their blogging programme on track, here are a few hints and tips to ensure you maximise the impact of your hard work.

  • When you upload your blog use a relevant image and ensure the image and the blog are optimized to get found by the search engines.
  • Take snippets of your blog and promote it across the appropriate social media channels, increasing your potential audience.
  • Take that blog post, tweak it slightly and upload it as an article to your LinkedIn platform.
  • At the end of the month use the blog as the basis of your email marketing message because the audiences are different (and for those who see the blog, it’s reinforcing the message).
  • Think about repurposing the blogs you’ve written over the previous few months and combine them into a downloadable PDF ‘e-guide’ to put on your website.
  • Promote this e-guide via other blog posts, your e-newsletter, across social media platforms and optionally via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. People can download the e-guide in exchange for an email address, enabling you to build your own audience.
  • Set up email autoresponders to send a series of follow up emails to these contacts offering other opportunities to engage.
  • Add these email addresses to your master email list and start to market to these people – ensure you’ve mentioned that you’ll market to people who download your e-guide.
  • Set up a remarketing campaign to follow your web visitors across the internet, keeping your brand front and centre in their mind.
  • Use the e-guide to develop a Powerpoint slidedeck that can be used for sales promotion purposes.
  • Upload the slidedeck to Slideshare and added it to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Give the slidedeck a voiceover and upload it to your YouTube channel as a video.
  • At each of these stages, promote the slidedeck/video via any social media channels, amplifying your voice and increasing the possibilities of engagement.

Now imagine if you had a content plan that highlighted the type of content you needed to create and when, the medium to use, the key phrases, the topics, what part of the buying cycle it targeted, where it would be distributed and how it would be promoted. 

That would really be something special.