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We’re the marketing assistant sitting quietly in your office

Most of companies who use us to run their search advertising have either not done it before (and don’t have the time or inclination to learn how), or run it in-house but want to free up time. However, we spoke to a company recently which was spending £500 a month on search advertising with a general advertising agency, and was investigating alternatives. Had the agency been doing a similar service to the one we offer, I’d have recommended staying with them. On that sort of budget, margins are small, and it can take a long time to justify the upheaval.

Then we discovered that the existing advertising agency was charging 10% to run the account. That’s just £50 a month. What sort of service can any subcontractor offer for £50 a month? We’re all grown-ups. What could you offer a customer for £50 a month? Ten minutes a week?

Understandably, there was no monthly reporting from the agency – that was left to the advertiser. Fair enough, but most companies we know who don’t have the time or inclination to manage the chore of search advertising also don’t have the time or inclination to mess around with Google Analytics. Except maybe in a panic, the day before the annual management report meeting.

So I had to explain why we think our service is worth 25% of the budget or more, and certainly a minimum of £250 a month, even on small accounts. We certainly don’t just set up the account and check in every few weeks to confirm that it’s still running OK. As we have access to the client’s Google AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, and we like to think we know what we’re doing, we may as well use that facility. That’s why we coined the term ‘virtual marketing assistant’. Think of us as a smart marketing assistant sitting quietly in the corner of your office, always monitoring what’s going on with your website, and giving you peace of mind.

When your website goes offline, we’ll tell you. When you need some quick advice or explanations on anything online-related, we’re here. When things go wrong, we’re qualified ‘Google Partners’ and have decent access to the People Who Know. When new opportunities arise in pay-per-click advertising or SEO, we’ll see if they’re applicable, and discuss them with you. If something happens with your natural search results (good or bad!), we’ll be on the case. We’re always there, just beavering away on your behalf.

Our monthly reports on your search advertising are manually prepared and also act as a report on your website traffic. We hope they’re exactly what you need to monitor your website’s performance in general, not just the advertising. We’ll also keep your Google Analytics account up-to-date, with the latest anti-spam filtering, segmentation and view management.

There are many more opportunities in pay-per-click advertising beyond Google search, and we can help with all of these. Advertising on Bing or LinkedIn, for example. Or setting up remarketing advertising and image/responsive ads. Like all the support services we offer, there’s no extra charge for this.

If you ever decide to redesign your website, we’ll be here to provide advice at every step of the way. The mistakes made by many website design agencies are appalling, and we’ll protect against those (and help dig you out of a ditch if they still happen!).

Also – and it might be a small thing – clients like the way we charge. If you’ve run pay per click advertising before, you’ll know how irritating it is that the cost varies each day and each month. We let our charges absorb the variability, so you get one fixed, pre-agreed invoice each month for all your pay-per-click advertising and all of our included additional services.

So maybe you could think of us as the marketing assistant sitting quietly in the corner of your office – who also happens to pay for your online advertising campaigns! To chat about what we can do, get in touch with Laura here now.