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Spot the difference

Here’s a really good tool to use if you ever need to check a website for changes. It’s been around for a while, but VisualPing remains a work of genius. It comes as either a web service or a Chrome browser extension (“app”), and I’m particularly enamoured with the extension, as it enables sites to be monitored every minute. Brilliant if you’re waiting for a change to occur “some time today”.

What’s great is that VisualPing looks for changes in the appearance of a page, or intriguingly, part of a page. Then you get an email informing you of the update.

Applications are probably only limited by imagination. I first heard about it from a company who uses it to monitor a large customer’s request for proposals web page. Although there are other methods of doing this (including an RSS feed), VisualPing can also spot changes as well as additions. You will doubtless think of other uses.