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ICYMI: All the blog posts from April 2017

What is RSS and how do I use it?
If you feel you ought to be monitoring what’s new on certain websites, or you just want to do so for pleasure, RSS is the best method.

At the end of the day it’s ALL marketing
We have one marketing strategy, based on our key business objectives that guide decision making and the implementation of our marketing plan.

Showing your name to prospects for 1p a time
Online, everything’s all about conversions and clicks and return on investment. Poor old brand advertising is a bit of an afterthought.

The real impact of useful website content
Only a fraction of any additional traffic will be useful. It’s still a great investment, but won’t deliver proportionally as many enquiries.

Are you shooting yourself in the foot with your footer?
I suspect the designer spent a few minutes putting any old stuff in there, without much justification for any of it.

Bring out your dead
There are many reasons why pages you write may take a long time to get the ranking you feel they deserve. How can you then take advantage?

Some rules for a landing page …or any page, really
Even if you’re just creating conventional product or service description pages, the techniques behind a good landing page are worth studying.

They can easily get a coffee somewhere else
If you’ve got something really useful, then offer it to the customer as an aside. But don’t risk the primary objective.

Why you need to associate your company name with product terms
If you want to appear top for product searches, you need to do everything within your power to associate your company name with that term.

Changes on YouTube as annotations phased out
YouTube has now decided that cards and end screens are the way ahead, so it’s worth spending some time familiarising yourself with these.

Giving your video some context
The best tip is to transcribe the video’s transcription in full. But once you’ve got that text, where’s the best place to present it?

Conservatively does it with your page titles
If you’ve tested something out with AdWords ads, don’t assume the same thing will work in your page titles.

Using your advertising to test out website design ideas
If you’re running a search advertising campaign, it’s easy to test out landing page ideas which can then be transferred to the home page.

Getting creative with video ideas
Video is cheap, easy to do in-house, and really works. You just need to think creatively about how it can be used. Out of the box, I guess.

It’s just a matter of time
How we put up a full-page popup which invited people to receive emailed updates about what we were up to. And how it really worked.

Who’s using social media successfully in your industry?
You should give BuzzSumo a quick try: I’d be very surprised if it didn’t come up with some results for even the most niche products.

The DIY approach to search engine optimisation
Before you take a flyer on a training course, why not consider some online learning …especially as some of the very best stuff is free?

Just make your point
Google is getting better and better at identifying what answers the question and what doesn’t. Articles don’t always need to be weighty.