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ICYMI: All the blog posts from May 2017

Hi Everyone – Apologies that the page status code checking tool I linked to in yesterday’s article has been unavailable. For those who have been unable to access it, I have updated the link in the article to show an alternative tool.

Now here’s our monthly recap of articles…

We’re the marketing assistant sitting quietly in your office
Think of us as the marketing assistant sitting in the corner of your office – who happens to pay for your online advertising campaigns!

Time to consider an online store?
It’s easy to find excuses not to have one – “oh, all of our sales require technical advice, custom this and that”. These are just excuses.

How website structure should reflect customer thinking
Despite what many companies claim, they’re not really very customer focused. Normally the underlying ethos is all me, me, me.

Monitoring what really matters
If you’re going to expend effort monitoring search engine positions, make sure you’re monitoring searches which are genuinely busy.

Interruptions only get in the way if you let them
What if there’s been an important email or voicemail overnight? How do you feel if you don’t even know about that until mid-morning?

Learn from the best
In search marketing, that means identifying who’s doing better than you, and analysing what they’re doing.

Designing your emails for mobile: a critical task
It’s not just that the layout needs to be responsive, so the text scales up to be legible. Links too need to be “clickable” with thumbs.

When it’s acceptable to barge in with an email
People ‘own’ their email accounts and get very protective about them. If you’re going to appear unannounced, you’d better make it worthwhile.

You could be fined for even asking about email marketing
How meticulously have you kept records of who does – and doesn’t – want emails from you? I ask because rules are being tightened up.

Image is everything
The thought which needs to go into the image every home page visitor sees at first glance is critical.

Considerations for your online store
Many online stores are let down by not having enough information about the products. That’s a problem in most B2B sectors.

Turning your ‘page not found’ page into an asset
You can’t stop people seeing your ‘page not found’ page. So make sure it does everything it can to keep people from leaving the site.

Designing in SEO – your job, not a designer’s
Designing a new site with SEO in mind means thinking about search from the start. Ideally, you’d design the site around keywords.

Attracting Google’s attention
If you have a checklist of things to do when you publish a new page on your website, it can’t do any harm to have this as an extra step.

SEO-savvy website designers do exist
But if all web designers came with this sort of insight, it’d save a lot of businesses sorting out SEO after the damage has been done.

Spot the difference
VisualPing looks for changes in the appearance of a page, or intriguingly, part of a page. Then you get an email informing you of the update.

Stop trying to make it less boring
I see a lot of examples of B2B marketing where an attempt has been made to make the content interesting to a wider audience than necessary.

Intriguing tools for online marketers
I use quite a few of these, and really need to find the time to test out several others. I think you may too.

100 ways to improve your emails
These are 100 really good points, and I defy any of us not to find something here which will change the way we do email.

The Andrew Leon Walker Column
Our monthly contribution from Andrew Leon Walker