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‘Carousel results’ in Google creep into technical products

Some of you may have seen the “carousels” which are the latest addition to Google results pages. They only appear for a few searches, but they do include a number of product searches which are very important to the suppliers in those markets. Although I can’t guarantee you’ll see it too, one example I can observe at the time of writing is on a Google search for “pcb design software”. If not, you can definitely see a lot of examples here.

Now, we need to know how to get in these carousels, right? Even if they don’t appear for our own searches yet, there’s every reason to think that they might in the future. Google is presumably trawling directories and list articles, and correlating this with its own database of search results and popular clicks. I’d have suggested DMOZ might have been an ideal starting point, but that’s just closed, as the Yahoo! Directory did a few years back.

We noticed that on the search for “pcb design software”, the carousel shows the name of the product followed by the licence type. So where’s that coming from? Somewhere that the data is being stated clearly, so that Google can hoover it up. The answer is almost certainly Wikipedia, where the licence information for the products features in the panel on the right and is clearly labelled. So having your product on Wikipedia would be great, although you need considerable justification to be there. Another exercise might be to do a Google search for your generic product, and see if any list articles or directories appear in the first few pages of results. If they do, and the list article or directory looks decent, do everything you can to get on that list if they’re still taking submissions.

While the ranking of Google search results isn’t affected by who’s advertising against them, I’d be surprised if the list of advertisers didn’t feed into the selection of the carousel items. So if you’re not running an AdWords campaign with an exact match on that search, you might want to consider doing so. And finally, a Google My Business entry is, as ever, a must. Check that yours clearly states you are a supplier of the exact match search terms you want to appear for.