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SEO-savvy website designers do exist

There was a nice article on the MarketingLand website last month called SEO & website design: Everything you need to know, which was a good introduction to integrating SEO ideas into your website from the start, rather than trying to bolt them on afterwards.

So far, so good. Few people would disagree with this approach. However, what made this article stand out to me was that it came from a company which offers web design services and seems to practice what it preaches. Normally, good advice on SEO tends to come from specialists who are in business to salvage the disasters caused by bad web design and insufficient knowledge from the site owners.

Now, I don’t know the company concerned – I don’t know many web design companies, to tell the truth. But if only all web designers came with this sort of insight, it’d save a lot of businesses a lot of money on sorting out their search engine optimisation after the damage has been done. Next time you choose a web design company, ask some serious questions.