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The DIY approach to search engine optimisation

As you know, I’m a great advocate of the do-it-yourself approach to search engine optimisation. There are some terrific external services available, but to really get inside your site they need to do quite a lot of work, which can come at a price. Is it worth it? If you’re smart enough to employ some of the best UK SEO consultants, then yes. But you may not be able to justify their fees, so learning how to get things right yourself may be a more realistic option.

I’ve asked here before for recommendations for good SEO training courses, without particularly enthusiastic replies. So before you take a flyer on one of these, why not consider some online learning …especially as some of the very best stuff is free? There’s a good list in Guide To The 9 Best Free Online SEO Courses on the Marketing Insider Group blog. Everyone who comes to work in business marketing should be given the time to learn this stuff. Let me know what you think.

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