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Getting creative with video ideas

Have you ever seen an “unboxing video”? It’s a little hard to explain the popularity of this genre, but from tech to toys, the most popular channels on YouTube have millions of subscribers. And yes, they are just videos of someone taking a product out of a box.

So what’s the attraction? Some say it gives people some of the thrill of owning a product which they might not be able to own. I’ve found myself directed towards them on many occasions when researching purchases, and have occasionally watched them as part of that process. Actually knowing what you’re going to get when the delivery arrives is surprisingly enlightening.

And therein lies an interesting small opportunity for many businesses in the engineering and scientific sectors. The obvious idea is to do your own unboxing video if you supply products such as instrumentation. Show what the customer will get when they buy from you. I know it sounds simplistic, but as a consumer yourself, I’m sure you can see the appeal.

Unboxing a £200,000 piece of production machinery might not be practical, but again, videoing delivery or installation of equipment makes a very interesting watch to other potential customers.

Video is cheap, easy to do in-house, and really works. You just need to think creatively about how it can be used. Out of the box, I guess.