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If you’re a people business, show people!

Does your company provide a service, rather than solely shipping products? If so, does your website sell that service, visually? If I’m looking for someone to make my blue widgets, design my blue widgets, or service my blue widgets, I’m not looking for blue widgets themselves. Yet most of the designers or manufacturers of blue widgets just show the products on their site. And that’s not what I want to see. What I want to see is the design office, or the factory, that I actually want to employ.

I just looked at the websites of five plastic injection moulders. Four had just images of components on their home page. But I don’t want to buy components. I looked at the websites of five machine builders. None of them had images of anyone building a machine on their home page (one did at least show a designer using a CAD system).

Take a look at your website’s home page. Does it show, visually, what you actually do? Half the battle with any website is instantly engaging the visitor and preventing them from hitting that ‘back’ button. If you’re a people business, show people.