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The logo tagline: an unmissable opportunity

Underneath the company logo at the top of your website, do you have a tagline? You really should. It’s a huge free opportunity to get a message over to your visitors. If you’re a well-known company, you can use it to reinforce your USP. For the rest of us, it’s the chance to confirm to our visitors that they’re in the right place and should take a good look at what we’ve got.

Expensive branding consultancies have given this sort of thing a bad name. There are Siobhan Sharpes being paid all over the world to come up with vacuous slogans like “Working For You” or “Making The World A Better Place”. That doesn’t make the tagline a bad idea though.

The simplest (and often the best) tagline is just to say what you do. “Blue Widget Experts”, that sort of thing. Maybe you want to establish your experience: “Blue Widget Manufacturers since 1970”. Or perhaps if being local is important in your market, you might go for “The Midlands’ Largest Blue Widget Supplier”. It doesn’t really matter: a tagline under the logo costs you nothing and will be noticed by almost every visitor to your website. Who turns down that opportunity?