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ICYMI: The Best of the Blog in March 2017

Missed any of this month’s articles? Here’s your chance to catch up…

Another reason to think ‘mobile first’
This is not just an exercise to ensure that website designers haven’t forgotten to make the site legible on small screens.

Are you driven by guesswork?
It’s easier than ever to survey your own customers. Find out what media they prefer, and don’t be driven by hunches.

Are you missing out on the intent of searchers?
As it happens, pages which answer known queries are what Google likes best of all. Why wouldn’t it?

Checking for duplicate content on your website
We all have a ‘crawl budget’ from Google, and if we waste these with duplicate content, we may find that pages on the site don’t get seen.

Choosing the right TLD for your new website domain
Do we need to be ‘.com’? Certainly that has an air of credibility in business. However, all the good names have gone.

Getting creative to get round unwanted Google results
If you’re in such a situation, it may take a bit of creativity to remove Google results which aren’t helping your business.

Google wants answers. You should give them.
With voice search liable to take off over the next few years, questions and answers will become even more important.

If only Google was allowed to see that content
Google seems to be saying that any site not being helpful to mobile visitors, who want information fast, doesn’t deserve to be ranked highly.

If you’re a people business, show people!
Does your website sell your service visually? If I’m looking for someone to make, design or service blue widgets, I’m not looking for blue widgets.

It’s what you say, not where you say it
In search advertising, of course keywords have a role to play. But it’s the message which matters. That’s what you should be testing and improving.

Microsites: we have quite enough domains already, thanks
I’m often told by clients that they’re setting up a ‘microsite’, and what do I think? My answer is that they’re going to wish they hadn’t.

Start answering your public better
Answer The Public is a lovely tool for anyone looking for article titles or even doing keyword research for SEO. It’s free to use too.

The best way to get people to watch your videos
My favourite way to do this on YouTube is to have your video appear at the top of the ‘Up Next’ list to the right of the main video.

The danger of not thinking about what bounce rate means
A lot of people question why the ‘bounce rate’ in their website visitor data is so high. Why might three out of four visitors leave quickly?

The logo tagline: an unmissable opportunity
The simplest (and often the best) tagline is just to say what you do. “Blue Widget Experts”, that sort of thing.

What counts as a high-quality page?
If the question is obscure enough, you don’t need to do much to get a page which ranks top in Google for that question. So what do you need?

What is a TLD?
To understand how domain names work, we need to understand what a ‘TLD’ or ‘top level domain’ is. Here goes.

Why your business needs a voice (and how to get one)
I was presenting recently to an audience from the professional services industry, and I asked the audience: “What’s your value proposition”?

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