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Choosing the right TLD for your new website domain

So we’ve talked about not setting up new website domains for their own sake, and we’ve found out how the domain name system works. Now it’s time to look at the options available when we do need to set up a new website with its own name.

There are a few things to bear in mind. I think the most obvious one is to make it guessable. So if you’re the Blue Widget Company, you want the main part of your domain name to be ‘bluewidgetcompany’. If you’re setting up a domain about a certain subject, getting the keyword or phrase you’re targeting in the domain name obviously makes sense. But there’s no need to separate the words with hyphens, other than to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings like Holland’s Hit Festival or Therapist Finder.

But what about the TLDs? Do we need to be ‘.com’? Certainly that has an air of credibility in business. However, all the good names have gone (every single four-letter one was bought years ago), and you might find there are more interesting possibilities amongst the many, many new TLDs available. Originally just three were available in the UK (.com, .org and .net) in addition to individual country TLDs …but now there are nearly 500, and that’s just in English!

Quite a few are suitable for business ventures. Contrary to rumours, none of these are better or worse for SEO than the long-established TLDs, and that’s been confirmed by Google. Indeed, there are many examples of TLDs like .club already ranking very highly in the search results. So give them consideration.