What’s been eating up more of your time recently?

We do a lot of unpaid work with our clients helping them with their search engine optimisation. It’s just one of the many extra services we’re able to offer to companies which use us to manage their Google AdWords campaigns. One client was even kind enough to say: “We spend £1000 a month on Google AdWords through you, and some months you’ve done more to help with our SEO than the agency we used to pay hundreds of pounds a month to, just for the SEO.”

When giving advice on subjects like SEO, we take a different approach to our Google AdWords management service, where we expect you just to point us in the right direction and walk away. With these other aspects of online marketing, we try to work with you, showing you what you should be doing and why. It’s an educational process, which works for both parties.

However, one thing we have noticed recently is an increase in the number of marketing managers who appreciate the answers we’ve given to their questions, but admit they’re not going to have the time to implement what needs to be done. My colleague Jackie West was the marketing communications manager for one of the UK’s biggest industrial automation companies for many years. She thinks that it really does seem like the role is getting more pressurised. If you’re finding that to be the case, you’re not alone.

What’s been eating up more of your time recently? I’ve opened up the comments if you want to make any observations.