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How to create an ‘online cuttings book’

The time was when every company reception area had a table on it with a ‘cuttings book’, showing all their latest press coverage. You don’t see that so often nowadays, with print opportunities a bit more limited, but nor do you see much in the way of an ‘online cuttings book’, possibly because it would be such a chore to create it.

Enter Coveragebook. Although ideal for PR agencies, I can see this service being of use to in-house marketing teams too. It’s one of those recent ideas which seem like they should have been around forever.

With Coveragebook, you just paste in the page address every time you get some online coverage. That’s it. From this, the system creates a beautiful online cuttings book which can also be printed out, or distributed as a PDF document. The system retrieves data about the sites where you’ve been featured, and shows these alongside the cutting.

In addition, you can scan in print coverage, and add this to the book. It’s a cracking idea, which already has thousands of users.

Of course, you still need to find the coverage in the first place. There are some serious tools out there to do this, but there’s a pretty good free one too, as I mentioned yesterday.